Galerie regard by Côté Jardin

LORJOU Bernard

Autodidact by obligation, by reaction against academic, LORJOUR is one of the most fascinating artists of the twentieth century. His painting is powerful and original, his subjects are current and on a human scale like Goya he considers his master.

Group creator Man Witness in 1948, he pursued his life's struggle for recognition and Figurative Expression, attacking the defenders of abstraction with a vehemence that serve with officials and tours of art.

But in the same time, he indulges in the pure pleasure of painting and has a large number of paintings on themes dear to him: harlequins, circuses, bullfights, musicians bouquets of flowers, still lifes, landscapes, works highly structured in drawing strong and vivid color range by a specific artist.

Born 9 September 1908 in Blois in Loir et Cher, LORJOU willingly went into exile in hot countries. First Spain, then from 1970, it is transported to La Garde Freinet in the Var to know a time of Accademia before disappearing in 1986. Most of the paintings currently on display in the Gallery Regard came from this period of life LORJOU pleased that passes under the sun Mediteran.


Galerie regard by Côté Jardin
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