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METGE Florence

Biography :
Scientific training, artistic training in various workshops, particularly in Africa, mastery of art history at the Sorbonne.
Personal and group exhibitions in West Africa, the USA, France (Paris, Biarritz, Pau, Sète, Blois, Tours, Antibes, Valbonne, Montpellier, Cléon d'Andran, Bourgouin), Switzerland, the Netherlands and Belgium.
Worked in Africa for many years.
" Florence Metgé's characters seem to be born from a primary decomposition: when they are dressed in grunge, marked by the accidents of life, they display a nudity robustly tortured. Caricatured, ill-shaped bodies going to the closest confines of ugliness ... Perhaps up to the spectrum, where the figure becomes just a sign of the human: an eye, a nose, a hand. We are involved in a poetic adventure that resembles a slip giving the tone, revealing the indomitable mobility of being. And these masked characters bent over their history, bring us back from darkness. The painter leaves from the dark towards the light, by successive touches, in order to exorcise the part of devil which reigns in these people waiting for the other, of his glance which defines them and gives them magic force.
This epic painting produces energy above all, that which helps to free oneself from shadows, blasts, from suffering."
 M.J. Hourantier
lecturer at the Abidjan teacher training college and director


Galerie regard by Côté Jardin
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