Galerie regard by Côté Jardin


From the souks of Marrakech to the shores of Oran beaches, from the color of spices to the wool of the dyers of Fez, from the olive groves to the boats of Collioure or Cadaquès, Marc Lemanissier has drawn from all these places and all these atmospheres the essential of his inspiration.

Paul Verlaine wrote: “music above all else”. We could say color above all for this artist who favors the instantaneous, the fleeting sensation, the reflection, in a word what is printed…. what fades away...

Painting for him is not an exercise in style but rather a style in the service of an exercise, expressing oneself through an already very old passion.

“Curiously, I realize that I never really answered the question “why this frenzy in the desire to create? Why is a day without anything, I mean without at least one drawing, a watercolour, a linocut a day without real substance? Why paint? Creating is as necessary to me as breathing"

Charcoal, watercolor, acrylic, oil, pastels, so many techniques that Marc Lemanissier uses on paper or canvas for his happiness and that which he would like to share.

“When I paint, I pay homage to the landscape, the model or the motif…. I show it as I see it. Not as it is but as I feel it. One does not paint to copy reality but to transcend it. Apart from this alternative point of salvation…. »


Galerie regard by Côté Jardin
17 avenue Georges Clémenceau
83120 Sainte-Maxime
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