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Patrice Henry Biabaud writer ....
A world where I go quite fascinated with this etcher to the imagination that explodes in alchemical themes, biblical world of magical symbols and signs.
In the series of seven etchings entitled "OUROBOROS" (symbol
alchemical serpent biting its tail), Henry Biabaud proposes a kind of perpetual cycle a first etching in which is contained the whole genesis of the following, as have six other main topic for the enlargement of a detail of the Previous.
A necessity each month of work, work with a magnifying glass and needle
work where the mind is complicit ambiguous matter, in infinite penetration of the drawing. Drawing some geometric constructions can be explained by the architect vocation of the artist.
This work in black and white gray gives a surprising richness says with a rare splendor surrealism drawing. This obsession cycle that characterizes the inspiration Patrice Henry Biabaud is present in all his etchings: "Asteroid", "Rout 76", "Veronica" 76 where, on a background of automatic writing, carved figure, torn articulated disturbing force esoteric accumulations of a young woman, leans on a globe where she contemplates her image prisoner.
Obviously we think Dürer and Urs Graf, the first formalized this beautiful etching (1513) and transposed to the fantasy and the dream of a romantic Germany already.
Under the heading "Boustrophedon" a huge etching necessity that a year's work: a frenzied accumulation based on biblical themes and oriental seductions. Some strange monsters, the elegant architecture of a house on the water in Kashmir ....
Blast proliferation kingdom of secret forces, sacred inheritance, psychological elements, apocalyptic, decanted by a refined sensibility.

Josée BARON (the Southerner)


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