Galerie regard by Côté Jardin


Some landmarks in the artistic path
Artist selected at the Paris International Biennial of Young Painting in 1961-1965
 1967- 1969 and concurrently received first in the National Furniture Competition, it is first
known for its clean white tapestries, in relief, evoking the silences in shadows and
 deserts lights that fascinate him (Galerie La Demeure 1970-Paris / Arras Gallery in New York)
He claims early on the concept of "Flexible Art" between the liquidity of the painting and rigidity of the sculpture
 he practices on various flexible industrial materials (rubber cloth, vinyl, leather, plastic cloth ...)
of which he reveals the invisible reverse, the unsuspected interiority, the relevance of reflection (Action / Fold
 Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris - 1974).
Then it is the kraft papers (which protect the works during transport) consisting of double sheets
 kraft or kraft / fireproof aluminum (inside bitumen reinforced with hemp or nylon yarns) that are
variously torn, split, hollowed out and painted by personal techniques from his encounters
with the most unusual materials. They are exhibited in Europe, America, Africa, Australia,
in New Zealand (1984-1987). Daquin is working on the concepts of Double, Margin, Frame
("The meaning of the margin" Pheasant Gallery - Strasbourg - 1988) Vacuum, Subtractions of matter ranging
 to the extreme in "The Shadow of Transparency" of 1984 - exhibition "Decorum" M.A.M of the city
of Paris in 2014).
Professor in Strasbourg and the Fine Arts of Angers. National Furniture weaves for four years
a carpet of 25 m2 according to one of his paintings.
His creations "as Gérard Landrot - writer - specifies -" although abstract, do not reflect an approach
 of a vain intellectualism but rather translate a tactile and visual sensuality, a subtlety oenologist
who breathes the world around him and marvels perpetually to find precisely the beauty where
nobody thinks of looking for it ".
Present in private collections (Pierre Cardin ...) and public (Museum of Decorative Arts of Nantes, Museum
of the Decorative Arts of Paris, Frac Picardie, Angers Museums, Antwerp Museum of the Ixelles, ICC of Antwerp ...) Museum
of Modern Art of the City of Paris who has just acquired two of his works for the permanent collection.


Galerie regard by Côté Jardin
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