Galerie regard by Côté Jardin

EUDES Sylvie

Art Studio Michel Clos (ST LO)
Two years prepa. at the entrances PENNINGHEN and ESSAM (PARIS)
Admitted on competition to CFT GOBELINS PARIS, "Animated cinema" (2 years)
Jobs at TELE JUNIOR and IDEFIX (Film subscription
Professional Artist registered at the House of Artists for ten years.
Participates in numerous exhibitions of contemporary art
GALLERY LOOK Sainte Maxime, etc ...)
As prolific as she is inventive, she tries all the resources offered by her art.
Universe always new and surprising, never ceasing to evolve and reinvent itself.
His art is merry and deep, with often bright colors.
It jostles our perception systems in a playful and ironic way. She does not hesitate to appropriate, to divert her, all popular imagery, such as comics, brands, advertising, super heroes, logos, etc ...
His work is an invitation to travel and awakening, reality of a society with more poetic dimensions.


Galerie regard by Côté Jardin
17 avenue Georges Clémenceau
83120 Sainte-Maxime
☎ +33 (0)4 94 56 57 63

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